What is The ONTO Groups Philosophy?

Our business philosophy is simple, it’s to provide the highest standards of service to customers and deliver the ‘WOW Factor’ everyday. We will strive to provide our services in a manner whereby the fair treatment of everyone is consistently at the heart of the business.

How The ONTO Group Keeps its Customers Updated?

Here at The ONTO Group we are in constant communication with our customers through many channels of contact such as;

  • Logged Calls on Zendesk
  • Emails
  • Phone Calls
  • Onsite Visits to customers premises four times per year

All our communications are tailored and audited to the individual needs and level of support of the customers.

We are currently looking to install a customer portal so contact becomes even easier.

What are the Fees for The ONTO Group Services?

All of our packages are uniquely tailored and bespoke to the needs and level of support requested from the customers we bring onboard here at The ONTO Group.

How long do we get tied into a contract for with The ONTO Group?

Easy… We have no long term contracts as we believe that the high standard of service we provide is enough to keep our customers, trust and confidence in The ONTO GROUP. Instead we do termly contracts that can be renewed all year round.

What is the Complaints Procedure?

The ONTO Group takes all compliance and quality assurance matters seriously and will handle every complaint thoroughly with the aim of resolution as quickly and effectively as possible, ensuring a fair outcome to the customer each time.

We learn from every complaint and make sure that each complaint is fully investigated through a full log and communicating with the customer throughout.

Please see our Complaints procedure page for more information.